I feel worried :( I have a talent for ghosting people

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I feel worried :( I have a talent for ghosting people Empty I feel worried :( I have a talent for ghosting people

I have a talent for ghosting people did made some good times. It's just I'm going through my own struggles there are times I have good relationships with people nice times. I feel like I care and worry too much about those things like feeling bad for myself. I even ditch people because they ghost me also and other reasons I'm more of a ghost then they are. Most of my life my mindset wasn't proper. I couldn't think properly. It's been hard life is suffering I don't understand. I just have to hope that their are good relationships going to come. In some cases these people don't have the initiative to contact me but what's important is the only people that matter to u and completely understand u. I don't whats it like to meet people online though I could consider it and be careful. Everything is difficult but I want to be a good person with good ambitions and not fall into darkness. Life is so much lost I always have racket racket going through my head. No peace I need more peace and calmness how can I abtain that. If I only had the guts to make more things in my life easier and soothing. I don't understand myself I'm lost human being its been like a blizzard going through my head all the time. The thought of not having guts to make things better for myself. I worry too much but I don't understand anything. I confused what can life have to offer me will there be a time in my life when I cry tears of happiness

I feel worried :( I have a talent for ghosting people 608450-920534_20041001_002

I feel worried :( I have a talent for ghosting people BkzG7Ps


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